The Advantages of MBA International Business Management Online

Advancements in the fields of communication and technology, as well as international travel, have shrunk this planet substantially. These developments have created many potential business opportunities for companies around the globe. The opening of nations’ economy and lowering of international trade tariffs has increased the volume of world-wide business substantially. Therefore, a degree in international business is a wise move for career growth.Career in Global business navigates through complex global economic landscapes. In an online MBA program specializing in international business, international finances, accounting, management, business policies, and marketing strategies will be covered. Earning an MBA makes you more competitive in the job market, with the potential for high-level promotion.This Online MBA prepares potential students for business climates around the world. Some Online MBA International Business degree programs can be completed in just months. Gaining this MBA Business degree program prepares students for professions in the global arena, focusing on the challenges that confront international and global markets.This MBA will address such subjects as analysis of international trade and finance, global marketing strategies, management practices in the international market places, which further enhance studies for a well-rounded MBA in Intl. Business degree. Students acquiring this MBA Degree will be prepared as professionals with opportunities in many professions, such as international sales, global distribution, international management, and international trade. Some of these MBA can be obtained through distance learning offered by reputable university/college.Online PhD Business Administration master degree programs are also available. Coursework focuses on issues of shifting outlooks for international business, international trade and business, international finance, international economics, as well as other considerations relating to Multi-region international business beyond the United States of America: Singapore, India, China, Japan.Global business is integral to the success and sustainability of many companies across the nation. As such, it’s imperative that these companies hire candidates with massive international business expertise. The job outlook for careers in international business is highly positive as the global interaction between multi-national companies continues to increase.If you’ve always had excellent communication skills, have great desire to learn more about other cultures, are business-minded, consider how online universities can help you achieve your MBA degree.

How to Explode Your Traffic With Social Bookmarking

What if I told you there is a way to get traffic to your site – without building one way links to your site – without submitting articles to directories – without submitting to directories – without using pay per click – without search engine optimization – without relying on the big bad search engines?In fact, this powerful new technique has a short learning curve and can send visitors to your site almost instantly!No this isn’t a myth or some fantasy, but an exciting new way of driving traffic to your Website called “Social Bookmarking”WHAT IS SOCIAL BOOKMARKING?To put it simply, social bookmarking is a collection of Websites indexed by humans. Unlike the search engines which rely on complicated algorithms to index relevant Websites for each topic, each site has been “bookmarked” by a human who found it interesting or helpful.Today there are hundreds, if not thousands of these bookmarking services available. Which means more opportunities for you to get your Website noticed! To better understand this whole concept, take a moment to visit – one of the most popular social bookmarking communities online.HOW IT WORKSA visitor will sign up for a new account, then start to bookmark his or her favorite sites by using “tags” (think of them like keywords). For example, if someone finds your site on muscle cars and finds it useful, they will then bookmark it on using the tags “classic cars, street rods, hot rods” etc.The more people who bookmark your site on each social bookmarking site, the higher your site will climb in the rankings for that particular service. If you visit and do a search on “gardening”, you will see that the top ranked sites have been bookmarked the most.This in a nutshell is the basics of social bookmarking.HOW TO GENERATE TRAFFIC THROUGH SOCIAL BOOKMARKINGThe beauty of social bookmarking is that there are several ways to generate traffic to your Website, both directly and indirectly. The goal is to get as many people as possible to bookmark your Website and content pages. Savvy marketers are now placing simple but effective bookmarking scripts on their Websites to boost their rankings. These scripts allow their visitor to automatically bookmark their sites with the most popular services.You can get two of the best scripts here:Social Bookmarks Creator Script – WordPress: Bookmark Me Script, the more people who bookmark your site, the higher you will climb in their search rankings.BOOOKMARKING YOUR WEBSITESYou should also create accounts at several of the more popular social bookmarking sites and bookmark your Websites as well.Anytime you add a new page that people will find interesting or useful, you should bookmark that as well.Be sure not to spam these sites, and use appropriate tags. People will not bookmark garbage sites, and you could very well get banned from using these services. One way to bookmark your sites quickly and easily is to use will submit all of your new bookmarks to many of the popular services automatically, and best of all it’s free!If you are using WordPress and want a hands free script that will automatically bookmark each post you make, we suggest buying this script: Auto Social Poster We use it on all of our WordPress blogs and love it!HOW YOU WILL GENERATE SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC FROM GOOGLE AND YAHOO!Some of the most popular bookmarking sites like rank extremely high in the search engines.This means that while you may not rank high for a certain keyword in Google or Yahoo!, you may rank high on one of the popular bookmarking services.So a user searching on Google for “wedding dresses” may click on the search result displayed from and then find your Website on how to pick out a wedding dress.Do you see how powerful this is? It is yet another byproduct of social bookmarking.GETTING BACKLINKSAnother major advantage of getting your Website listed on the social bookmark sites is one way links from high PR sites. Because these social bookmarking sites have fresh, updated content on a daily basis, many of them rank high in the search engines.As you know (or should know) getting one way links back to your Website is the number one most important aspect to achieving high rankings in the search engines. Now that you know exactly how to incorporate social bookmarking into your marketing plan, you have no excuse not to start today. Get out there and take action now!TOP 5 MOST POPULAR SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES

Use Blogging for Profit

Making your blog work for you;Starting a blog for personal expression means that it doesn’t really matter how many views you get, if you are looking at running a business based or marketing blog then views are of the utmost importance. So how do you get those views?The basics of blogging;A blog is an internet publication which usually take the form of a diary or journal, although they can also be used for news and reviews about specific topics or products. Blogs usually include personal comments, viewpoints and experiences as well as often containing links, videos and images. Lots of people begin keeping a blog as a way of expressing personal or professional views.Blogs however can quite easily be used as a platform for writing about and marketing your business or products online. At the moment blogs are experiencing a huge level of popularity across all sectors of the internet and can be an effective and very inexpensive way to reach a wider audience.One of the best things about blogs is that people often read them at leisure. Clients and consumers are becoming more and more wary of advertising but will happily read a blog as long as it has some interest to them on a personal level. Most of the worlds top companies use blogs to deliver more value and a more personal touch when trying to introduce people to their companies a strategy that seems to be producing good results.Where to start?;Starting a blog is surprisingly simple all you really need is the time to write and somewhere to post your blog. To start with you will obviously need a topic or theme for your blog. A great way to get some good ideas for your topic is to look around the internet first and see what other people are talking about on their blogs. Generally speaking you want to have one core theme for your blog similar to the way that many newspapers have columnists that talk about one specific topic. This topic can be very narrow or very wide but it is important to ensure that your readers know what kind of things you are likely to cover otherwise they are likely to read one article they are interested in and then stop following your blog if you begin talking on a topic that has no interest to them.Once you have a general outline for what you want your blog to be about you need to start thinking of what you want to name your blog. Short catchy names are great but make sure to try and include some clues as to what the blog covers in the title. This will make it much easier for people to find your blog.Of course deciding on a topic and working out a cool name will be of no use if you don’t have a place to post your blog. There are a huge amount of places around the internet where you can post a blog nowadays, some of which are free and some of which charge a fee for use. If you can’t find a place to put your blog I would suggest simply doing a quick Google search for blog hosting sites and then doing a little research into which option is best for you. Of course if you have your own website already then you can also post your blog right to it’s own page there. One big advantage of this is that it can also bring people in to have a look around the rest of your webpage if they like what they see on the blog.Things to remember about writing;Writing a blog is by no means rocket science, but there are a few things that you should try to keep in mind to make sure your blog is easy and enjoyable for your followers to read.1. Make sure your English (or whatever language your blog is in) is up to a certain standard. While society cares far less about perfect grammar, spelling and syntax than it did in the past it is still important to at least ensure that you make your blog legible. Obviously most websites and blog sites have a built in spell check too so there really is no excuse for bad spelling.2. Try to express yourself clearly. Blogs are not really formal writing and are definitely not supposed to be an essay. Try to keep your sentences and paragraphs reasonably short and keep your language light and easy to read.3. Think about adding videos and/or pictures to your blog. Research has shown quite clearly that people engage much more readily with pictures and especially with videos than with walls of solid text.4. Even if you are promoting a product, company or service try to minimize the amount of advertising you have in each blog post. It’s OK to give people an option to buy your product or through an affiliate link buy a product you are talking about and which may interest them, but having a huge amount of “spam” links and banners all over your page is a huge turn off. After all as we have already said people usually come to blogs looking for information or a little light leisure reading, not to be bombarded by your sales pitch.5. Be engaging. Try to be a normal person. Even if you are selling a product or marketing a company people relate better to real people with real stories and ideas than they do to someone who sounds robotic and one-sided.How to promote your blog;All your hard working finding the perfect blog idea and name as well as a great place to post it will come to nothing if you can’t get people to read it and finding readers is all about promoting your blog. Just writing good content and posting to a good blog hosting site is not really enough to get you a good audience. There are literally millions of blogs out there with people posting new blogs even as you read this so unless you have a good way of promoting your blog you will have trouble getting readers.There are a few choices open to you when considering how to promote your blog. You can advertise your blog by placing links to it or mentioning it in emails and on social media and forum pages. Other possible options include getting blog hosting or article hosting sites to review your blog and hopefully post it on their front pages or higher on their search rankings as well as things such as entering blogging competitions. Finding people who blog about similar topics can also help you as you can partner up with them and do some form of cross promotion where you send people to their blog and they return the favour.The key to keywords;For people who know roughly what they are looking for but not where to find it search engines such as Google and Yahoo are extremely helpful. For the very same reason these search engines are great for the blogger too. Many search engines use algorithms which search for key words in a website or blog. Even if your content is good if you don’t use the right keywords then people still might not be able to find you. Correct keywords are essential and should reflect what you want people to be thinking about when they find your blog. A good way of making sure you have the right kind of keywords is to do a search for the keywords you want to use and see what results you get. If the results are close to what you are offering you’ve hit the nail on the head if not try rethinking your choice of keywords.Keeping it neat;Keeping your business blog clean and uncluttered is important for drawing in customers. Think about it if you go into a store or even onto someone’s website the first thing you notice is what the general layout looks like and as they say first impressions count. If you went into a store and there was random aisles full of odds and ends lying around would you be as interested as if the aisles were neat and you could find exactly what you were after easily?For this reason it is often good to use a slightly more spartan approach with a business blog than you would with a personal blog. If you are lacking ideas about functional yet simple backgrounds and colour schemes for your blog searching around the internet to find some sites that have got a good look can be helpful.Don’t push your message too hard;The whole idea of a company or marketing blog is to promote your company and/or your chosen products. That being said consumers can easily be overwhelmed or put off by constantly being blasted by adverts or sales messages. If you overload your blog with links, advertising material (including banners) and sales pitches then you are likely to simply frighten away the customers you have worked so hard to get visiting in the first place. Providing readers with “Value” is a great way of gaining and keeping their trust and making sure they keep coming back. The easiest way to provide this value is by producing good blog material that is as unbiased as possible, whilst obviously being kind to your own product, and that is relevant and up to date. There is nothing wrong with promoting the fact that you have a new product or line, but try to keep it from sounding like you are simply there to sell your readers something without giving them anything worth reading into the bargain.Value you can add;Most companies offer giveaways, free samples and special offer codes in their marketing material. There is no reason you can’t also give away these things on your blog, and in fact if you do it gives people a great incentive to keep tuning in so they don’t miss one of your great offers. Other value that should be added to a good blog include things such as good advice on how to achieve what the customer wants to achieve. For example paint companies posting tips about how to get that perfect finish or health food companies blogging about great news ways to use their products in recipes. All of this added value turns you from a seller into a trusted expert and source of news and information.It is also important to make sure you keep your blog up to date otherwise it’s value will decrease quickly and readers will start to drift away.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


The Ultimate Guide to The Good Toilet

There is no hesitation about the significance of a good toilet. Without the best toilet effort for you in the house, it can be painful living knowledge! Even if you are on a camping or yacht trip, having a high-quality portable toilet is important. If you are looking for the best toilet you can buy today, you have come to the right place!

To select the best toilet, you need excellent information. That’s what comprehensive, fact-based reviews will yield you. The chart below is a great place to get started with comparing brands and models!

What are the benefits of having the right toilet?

The obvious advantage of having the right toilet in your home is that you can wash away all your trash. Some homes require a certain pumping capability that can limit the ability of some toilets to work because they do not meet the vertical pump requirements. That can is a serious problem!

The ultimate advantage you will receive is comfort. A good toilet should be comfortable enough so you will not feel any forest skin blur on your legs after you have gone because of the seat in your skin digs. It should somehow also have the technology, so you do not have to announce the world that you have just successfully used the toilet!

What are the common problems of bad toilets?

The most common problem people nowadays have with their toilets is a lack of coiled strength. Although the standard design is now only 1.6 liters per rinse, many houses are equipped with the 3.5 gallons per coil-predecessors. That’s a big difference! We have a specific page with the best toilets available for toilets if that is the specific toilet you are looking for.

Modern toilets also have more working parts to create a higher level of water movement in the bowl. This means that you can have a cleaner experience with less water, but there are more parts available that can break down over time. This increases maintenance costs even on profitable units.

How do you find the best toilets available today?

It’s all about information. You will need to know what type of toilet your home can support or you may be required by local building regulations. You will also need to know the specific details about what each toilet can or cannot do. That is why our extensive reviews are such a useful aspect of the shopping experience. You can quickly compare and compare the fine details of each toilet you are considering, including the prices, so you can find the perfect toilet.

Maybe you just want a small toilet to complete a new half bathroom. Maybe you need to have a full electric toilet to function as the primary fixture of your home. What you want to do, if you can pay for it, is to shop for a dual-flush toilet with a Water Sense label on it. You can save about $100 per year on your water consumption with this toilet installed, so you pay for most toilets within 24-36 months.

What are the basic values of toilet sanitary?

The first measurement you need to take when you think about the installation of a new toilet is the so-called ‘ engraving ‘. This is the distance that exists between your drain pipe and the wall behind your toilet. Most homes have a standard rough-in of 12 centimeters, and that’s what you’ll find today on most models. However, older houses may be rough depending on your location 10 inches or 14 inches.

The other consideration you need with a new toilet is the vent. Without the venting of the toilet, you will be exposed to the sometimes hazardous gas that occurs with wastewater. Even a clogged vent ensures that the gas remains in the house and possibly causes reflux. Do not close the ventilation opening in your attic. Make sure it goes out and is protected from weather and you will have a good toilet installation experience.

What are the prices for the best toilets of today?

If you are looking for toilets online, you can expect many prizes. Some excellent economic options are lower than $200, which gives you a long-term basic functionality that your home needs. On the other side of the spectrum, there are premium toilets that cost more than $2000, but which give you a fully automated, self-cleaning experience that drastically reduces your weekly maintenance work. The average price you can expect for a brand new toilet, regardless of the brand or model, is about $400.

What is the best toilet for you? How can you find the best toilet to buy? This will give you the information you need so you do not make a purchase decision that you will regret later. Take some time, study the best toilets are on the market today, and then take the informed decision that you will have for many years to come.

How Solar Benefits Local Communities

Getting solar energy from a qualified company will help you reduce your carbon footprint, offset your electricity consumption, and protect you from rising energy costs. But are you aware that solar offers great benefits for the local community?

Solar Supports Your Local Economy

According to California Solar, $22 billion flows out of California to purchase gas, oil, coal, and gas. Solar allows homeowners to keep their energy sources local. Every dollar that’s invested in solar creates $1.25 in benefits for the local economy. California invested an estimated $560.1 million in solar in 2019 alone, bringing the total solar investment to 6.3 billion.

Local Environmental Benefits

If you live in a Green Community like Mission Villas, Castello, Avella at Civita, you can see the benefits of a green economy. Green Communities receive a grant for renewable projects like upgrades for schools, weatherization, and municipal buildings. These types of initiatives help pave the way for solar energy and help offset greenhouse gas emissions and provide clean electricity.

Lower Rates for All

You probably already know that by having solar panels on your roof or ground mounts, you can protect yourself from energy price hikes; but did you know that your neighbors who don’t have solar can benefit too? More homeowners install a grid-tied solar PV system, local utility companies gain increasing access to renewable energy and it reduces demand on the grid and can invest in new transmission lines. With new transmission lines, ratepayers benefit from lower rates. Even during a heat-wave, distributed solar helps reduce demands and saves millions in the cost of electricity.

Solar Creates Jobs in California

Solar and other types of renewable energy create local jobs in California. Solar Energy creates over three times more jobs than any other renewable source. Solar energy also benefits jobs in the cities. For example, during the economic crisis, employment in the clean energy sector grew nine times faster than any other industry in California. Now clean energy employs over 209,000 workers across Southern California, with 58% of those workers earning over $52,000 per year.

Reducing Operating Costs for Business

Large and small companies invest in solar to reap all the financial benefits of solar-like protection and costs against yearly energy prices. And, just like solar reducing operating costs for farms and businesses, solar also can reduce operating costs for schools.

Protects Public Health

Other forms of energy such as natural gas and oil emit byproducts such as nitrogen oxides, smog, and sulfur dioxide causes symptoms such as cardiovascular distress and respiratory symptoms. However, solar is a zero-emission energy source. This can offer significant public health benefits that include potentially saving millions of dollars per year in health care costs.

The Benefits of Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes were utilised for storage; these boxes are extremely robust and may be used for a number of purposes. The best aspect is that these wooden boxes are resistant to damage and will keep your valuables safe and secure., for example, specialises in creating one-of-a-kind hardwood boxes for wine and presents, complete with bespoke engravings of the company name and insignia.

These boxes were formerly only available in a few colours and designs. Similar boxes, however, are now available in a range of shapes and designs. You may also use these decorative boxes to store items in your home. These inventive boxes, on the other hand, may be utilised for both decorative and storage purposes. They have grown more adaptive as a result of recent technological breakthroughs.

You may use them for a number of purposes, including as keeping important objects or as gift boxes. Many firms keep their merchandise in these boxes. A multitude of companies sell these wooden boxes both online and offline. They also provide the option of purchasing wooden boxes with personalised engraving.

These boxes have the benefit of being able to handle heavier objects than cardboard boxes. These boxes are formed from fibrous elements found in tree bark and branches, as opposed to cardboard boxes, which are made from paper. As a result, wooden containers can withstand more weight. Furthermore, when exposed to water, cardboard boxes become untrustworthy. They are also more powerful than prior boxes. They are durable and strong, and they can support anything, no matter how heavy.

These boxes are intended to be used for storing items. You may use them to store your belongings in a warehouse. You may also organise your items. So you’ll know where to find them whenever you need them. If you utilise a box, your items will be organised in a single spot. You may also use them to store vegetables, fruits, bottles, and other household things. To make it easier to keep things in bulk, label the boxes.

Because wooden boxes are not limited to a single use, they can last for a long period. These boxes may be used for a number of purposes, including gift boxes, plants, and so on. These boxes may be personalised and displayed in your house. You may also use them to store magazines, books, toys, blankets, pillows, towels, and other goods in style.

The best part about them is how affordable they are. Contact a wholesaler to purchase these boxes at a lower cost. They may also be reused, making them more cost-effective. You just need to buy them once, and you may use them for years. After several years of use, you can recycle them. Some companies may replace outdated boxes with new ones. Furthermore, when compared to plastic and cardboard storage boxes, these timber storage boxes are better for the environment. These boxes are constructed of ecologically friendly wood.

An Inside Look at the Importance of a Smile in Sales

If you’re in sales, then you’ve probably heard all sorts of advice, from “don’t oversell” to “focus on solving problems.” However, one of the best pieces of advice that many forget is to smile! After all, your smile is one of the first features people notice about you, and it plays an essential role in the first impression you make. Keep reading to learn all about the importance of a smile in sales (as well as how cosmetic dentistry can help!).

Smile: Your Sale Depends on It!

Knowing your product and knowing your audience are key in sales. However, you don’t get far if your client doesn’t trust you or believe you. That’s why it’s so important to make a good first impression! Here are a few ways a smile can help:

• Smiling is more powerful than you might think – One study found that smiling has the same effect on our brain as $25,000 in cash!

• Smiling communicates your state of mind – Smiling is a non-verbal cue that you are happy to be where you are, that you are confident in your product, and that you are ready and willing to help.

• Smiling creates a ripple effect of positivity – Have you ever seen a friend yawn and done the same? Or seen someone take a sip of water and immediately realized you’re thirsty? Thanks to the mirroring neurons in our brains, we naturally mimic the behavior of those around us.

But What If You Don’t Like Your Smile?

If you don’t like your smile, don’t worry – that’s where cosmetic dentistry comes in. Whether you’re struggling with misaligned, misshapen, cracked, or otherwise imperfect teeth, your smile goals aren’t out of reach. The first step? Scheduling an appointment with a skilled cosmetic dentist. For both my father and myself, providing high-quality, personalized, and judgment-free dentistry is a passion. There’s truly nothing better than seeing someone walk out of our office with a dazzling, confident smile! So, don’t wait to make your dream smile a reality – it could make all of the difference when it comes to your personal and professional life!

Where to buy beautiful rugs, floor mats and more.

Where to buy beautiful rugs, floor mats and more. Including unique t-shirts, dresses, bags and artworks. All in one website with free shipping worldwide! is the exclusive online art gallery and home décor online store where items were designed by artist QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez. You can get all your home decorating needs in one place without worrying the shipping fee. You can collect all her original art pieces and open editions from your comfort zone in just few clicks. All original artworks will be shipped straight from the country of exhibition with free shipping worldwide. Home décor on QueenNoble is not your usual home decoration items. Every items were designed by QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez exclusively made from handmade paintings turned to manipulated photos to make stunning designs for every home décor items such as the rugs, lamps, wall decors and more. Of course the original artworks of QueenNoble are all available to every collectors who collect only original artworks. The prints are premium quality, framed and ready to hang for everyone’s convenience. Rugs, lamps, pillows and others are designed by QueenNoble, and then manufactured by partnered companies in Europe and in The United States.

The artist And Designer QueenNoble

Dr. Elle Ramirez also known as QueenNoble is an American international fine arts artist, designer, sculptor, photographer and an author. Dr. Ramirez creates rare textured and embossed abstract artworks from wall sculptures to embossed paintings. Her career began from year 2006 up to this present day. (See Wikipedia.)

QueenNoble is known for her textured and embossed abstract artworks mimicking planets, natural stones and rocks, abstract engraved portraits, several monochromatic and vivid concepts.

“Live Minimal” is one of QueenNoble’s art books released year 2021. (See Google Scholar Books)

QueenNoble is also an author of several mental health books like “Quarantine: The Challenges During Quarantine and How to Keep Our Sanity”. QueenNoble is also the author of the Novel called, “The Cart Season 1”. (See more on Amazon)

One Of A Kind Products You Can Buy On QueenNoble

One of a kind luxury collectibles with certificate. Unique items designed and curated by QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez are now available on the official website. One collectible is to one collector or owner. Collectibles can be a wallet, bag, a piece of art, a furniture, a dress or a shirt and more. A first come first served basis. Handmade with love and attention. Own something that no one has in the entire world. Only on QueenNoble. What will you get on the top of that? You will receive a certificate of authenticity upon receiving your item. Free shipping worldwide. Free repair and replacement in case of a major manufacture error. Most items are handmade and are genuine leather so slight imperfections are visible which are the signs of most genuine leathers in the market. Varieties of items and vast selections although items are very quick to be sold.

Who does not want a one of a kind item? It is really disliked to run to someone with the same exact dress in an occasion or a business meeting! Now on QueenNoble not only original hand-painted artworks are available now you get to wear an art yourself anywhere and anytime. Display a furniture or a décor and be asked by a friend or a colleague, “Where can I buy one?” and of course the answer is “You can’t buy that in the market.” Because It is only one!

What happens after you buy a one of a kind on QueenNoble? The price increases yearly for 10 years. What an investment for yourself or a luxurious lifetime gift for a special someone!

From the author’s words:

If you are a collector and a shopper, QueenNoble is definitely where to go specially if you are looking for unique designer’s décor such as rugs, comforters, bags, wall art etc. A lot of selections to choose from. The designs are contemporary and modern. In one look you know where the products are from since you can only find them on The processes are also very convenient and shipping is fast worldwide.

I bought a one of a kind bag. When I received it it came with an envelope consisting the certificate. The leather bag is stunning. Fast shipping and free delivery. They also offer free repair in case there is a manufacturer error for free.

Note also that if you are a merchant you can sign up on their trading program. There is a 15-30% commission. Less work for you all you do is share the url of the product and your designated coupon code which you’ll receive when you sign up and you get paid everytime someone uses your coupon code. Sound interesting right? Copy code, share url and code on your social media and earn as you go.

QueenNoble is also on Saatchiart, Artmajeur, Singulart Galleries. On QueenNoble’s original artworks, all artworks with certificate of authenticity will be shipped straight to the collector from the current exhibited country and also free shipping worldwide.

What are anti-ligature blinds?

Anti-ligature blinds are becoming increasingly popular in a range of different settings. The way these blinds differ from traditional blinds is that they are designed to prevent suicide by hanging.

Initially, uptake for this type of blind was largely restricted to high-risk environments such as psychiatric hospitals and prisons, where suicide is common. In mental health environments and detention centres, suicide via hanging is common and preventative measures must be implemented. A huge range of objects could be used to create a ligature point, meaning anti-ligature systems are highly important.

Over the years, anti-ligature blinds have been supplied to hospitals, schools, student accommodation and even hotels.

How do they work?

There are a range of different systems on the market, but the most reliable could well be the magnetic anti-ligature system. YewdaleKestrel® products utilise load release magnets which separate when a downward force is exerted on the product. This means that the product falls to the ground safely and prevents suicide via hanging.

The magnetic systems used in Yewdale’s products are highly reliable because magnets don’t lose their strength for hundreds of years, guaranteeing a lifetime of lifesaving functionality.

Anti-ligature blinds usually have a magnetic connection point above the blind’s barrel. The blind is easy to reconnect to the magnetic bracket after it has fallen to the floor.

If you are considering an anti-ligature blind, Yewdale is a highly recommended company. Based in the UK, Yewdale produce a wide range of anti-ligature products, commercial blinds, and healthcare products including hospital cubicle tracks and medical curtains.

Yewdale produce other anti-ligature products too including a soft, lightweight en-suite door and other accessories such as soap dispensers, toilet roll holder, shelves and artwork. You can see the full range on the website using the link below.