How Solar Benefits Local Communities

Getting solar energy from a qualified company will help you reduce your carbon footprint, offset your electricity consumption, and protect you from rising energy costs. But are you aware that solar offers great benefits for the local community?

Solar Supports Your Local Economy

According to California Solar, $22 billion flows out of California to purchase gas, oil, coal, and gas. Solar allows homeowners to keep their energy sources local. Every dollar that’s invested in solar creates $1.25 in benefits for the local economy. California invested an estimated $560.1 million in solar in 2019 alone, bringing the total solar investment to 6.3 billion.

Local Environmental Benefits

If you live in a Green Community like Mission Villas, Castello, Avella at Civita, you can see the benefits of a green economy. Green Communities receive a grant for renewable projects like upgrades for schools, weatherization, and municipal buildings. These types of initiatives help pave the way for solar energy and help offset greenhouse gas emissions and provide clean electricity.

Lower Rates for All

You probably already know that by having solar panels on your roof or ground mounts, you can protect yourself from energy price hikes; but did you know that your neighbors who don’t have solar can benefit too? More homeowners install a grid-tied solar PV system, local utility companies gain increasing access to renewable energy and it reduces demand on the grid and can invest in new transmission lines. With new transmission lines, ratepayers benefit from lower rates. Even during a heat-wave, distributed solar helps reduce demands and saves millions in the cost of electricity.

Solar Creates Jobs in California

Solar and other types of renewable energy create local jobs in California. Solar Energy creates over three times more jobs than any other renewable source. Solar energy also benefits jobs in the cities. For example, during the economic crisis, employment in the clean energy sector grew nine times faster than any other industry in California. Now clean energy employs over 209,000 workers across Southern California, with 58% of those workers earning over $52,000 per year.

Reducing Operating Costs for Business

Large and small companies invest in solar to reap all the financial benefits of solar-like protection and costs against yearly energy prices. And, just like solar reducing operating costs for farms and businesses, solar also can reduce operating costs for schools.

Protects Public Health

Other forms of energy such as natural gas and oil emit byproducts such as nitrogen oxides, smog, and sulfur dioxide causes symptoms such as cardiovascular distress and respiratory symptoms. However, solar is a zero-emission energy source. This can offer significant public health benefits that include potentially saving millions of dollars per year in health care costs.

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